Name: Captain Bazooko the Klown

Current Whereabouts: Last seen in Los Angeles

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Age: Early 30's

Kill Count: 500+

Threat Level: 8.2

Affiliation: Captain Bazooko the Klown reports directly to Miguel, the leader of FARC and one the Klown Cartels' best PETT exterminator contract killers. He's trained in as many kinds of martial arts and military tacticz as one can possibly register in their mind at one time and he'z a bit crazy, which makez him an unpredictable foe (but this makez the hunt even more fun).

History: Captain Bazooko was abducted as a teenager by the Klown Cartel when he had been caught chopping up animals in his home town of Boise, Idaho. The Klownz saw potential in him and raised him as a PETT. He was so psychologically possessed by killing that he finally earned a place to be a PETT bounty hunter for any escaped PETT or unruly trained Klown member that has/had opposition mind-set towardz the Klown Cartel.