Name: Mr. X

Current Whereabouts: Unknown

Ethnicity: Unknown (The one I eradicated was Caucasian but he was an imposter so...)

Age: Supposedly 50+

Kill Count: Too many

Threat Level: 1 (He's a pansy ass until he decidez to show himself and then we'll rank him like proper PETT...)

Affiliation: The Klownz

History: Mr. X is one pain in the ass! He only shows himself when he feels like it and he uses other masks similar to this with variant colors and styles. Unfortunately we don't know enough about him yet to give a full explanation about his past which is why I am using one of the masks from the Mr. X Killer Klownz I killed (and ate with Sriracha sauce... ;). He hasn't shown up again since last Halloween so I had to do what any heroic anti-hero Clown would do and disguise myself as him and find out more until his pansy ass shows himself again and I can once and for all decimate him. 

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