Billy Boy the Clown Blogz

Watch all thirty two blogz here but make sure to grab some bourbon and a cigar and your favorite snuggly clothez. And then meditate for a few hourz and wake up fresh and open minded. But before you watch, grab a bottle of tequila, a cigar and your get all cozy like. 

De-Tached "Dreams" Music Video feat. Billy Boy the Clown

This music video was conceived by the band "De-Tached" which is a cybergoth rock band in Los Angeles. I was invited to be part of the nightmare sequence within their music video. I agreed to do it in order to help bring awareness to my cause as a hunter of evil Klownz. Something happened on set and next thing yew know... I've got blood on my face. STILL wondering whoze blood is on my face to this day... If yew get any info, please contact me and let me know. Kthx.

Or Choose your Own Adventure

by picking your own blogz to watch. The more yew watch, the more yew will know about me. However, the more yew watch, the more psychotic yew can get like me finding out about all the chaos going in the world caused by Klownz! Soooo.... choice is yourz...