Phase I

I'd love to explain why I am alwayz wearing different clown make-upz and the different evolutionary phases along the way so you can become educated and inspired enough to join me in my fight against the Klown Cartel!

After I escaped the Klownz in an epic fight, I was left with nothing except a pouch full of goodiez, some basic face make-up and a shitty camera. All I had waz a few colorz, but fuck it, any makeup is better than none! Since I technically used to be a "Klown", I had access to all the best weaponz, materialz and make-up. Pretty much everybody and their dog knowz that Klownz aren't allowed to EVER switch make-up or they end up dead faster than Dominoez pizza delivery...

Well, didn't have much of a choice now that the Klownz fucking set me up and tried to assassinate me! WTF?! What the hell did I do to deserve this?? I have thousands of killz and assignmentz completed for those two-faced lardasses! Not sure what I did to piss them off....?

With multiple green lightz on my head, best place I could hide was in a mental institution where I seemingly fit in pretty well... :) Found out Krusty the Klown was nearby and eating children so I did what any normal Klown would do and hunted him, tortured him and ate him! (With BBQ sauce of course...). Not trying to give Clowns a bad rap or anything.... 


PS Don't mind the blurry footage. Had to leave the steam running in the background so I could get Krusty'z blood off me a lot easier... #HehehahahaAAAAaAAAA!!!

Klown Kills (After Escape = AE)
Billy Boy = 1 KKAE