Phase III

As yew can all see, my make-up has been getting progressively more intricate as I've completed my personal taskz and eliminated more Klownz, just like P.E.T.T.'s (Personally Expertly Trained Tools). I guess I'm technically still a PETT even though I'm no longer affiliate with ANY Klown on an agreeable level. Each task we perform, we get to add a personal touch to our make-up/weapon.

Speaking of weaponz, with this look I wanted to get a little more personal. No more Mr. Nice Clown! HehehehahahaAAhahaAAAA!! I put on my hardcore pimp jacket with spiked collar, steel toed bootz and a finger blade. It'z alwayz good to challenge yourself to the public perception for reactions of how humanity iz currently reacting for psychological and socioligical studiez on human behavior. Also good to let the Klownz know I'm not fucking around... 

The finger blade allwed me to test my skillz up close and personal as the previous attempts got me a little banged up (which actually pleasurez me more than pisses me off....;) But won't survive long if every battle is like that. Had to get stealty with it. 

Stalked and hunted down some children P.E.T.T.'s at the playground with Kitty Killer Clown as my cover. Wanted to see what mission the Klown's had in store. Found out the hard way that a few of the kid's were definitely PETT's and they were trying to lure other kids to a nearby I-Scream truck... I off'd the I-Scream truck driver, saved a kid and called it a day. But unfortunately... I did not get any information out of him since the rage built up and I accidently killed him too fast... :/

Klown Kills
Billy Boy = 5 KKAE