Phase IV

Sometimes yew just lose yoursefl in the shuffle... Lose your focus, lose control, lose your mind... I'm thinking I was turning into a little bit of a savage. Well.... a LOT like a savage. I noticed myself acting more like a caveman and creature like some of the other P.E.T.T.'s rather than who I should be if I truly want to take down the Klown Cartel. Sometimez when yew have too much fun, yew can completely forget the actual goalz yew set for yourself. I had to refocus...

So, it was time for me to make myself presentable again or humanity might not take me seriously. In fact some people have thought of me like a savage villain or a Klown themselves! This pretty much defeatz the whole purpose of my escape. Also, it was my birthday this day... So without further adue, I thought I'd dress up snappy for yew all. yew know... gain some trust, gain some fanz and give the Klown aassholez something to think about! (They're probably reading this now... HehehahahaAAAAaAaAA!!)


As yew may or may not know, Halloween is my Birthday and also the best hunting day of the season! That'z the one night Klown roam freely without much hassle from public or government authoritiez. As yew can see, we even had fun dissecting a Klown that night!  I eliminated a definite 26 Klownz that night with a potential 4 more, but since those aren't definite (which sucks because they told their superiorz and caused a higher payout for my bounty dead or alive...) I won't add them to the kill list below. Overall thought, it was a pretty fucking good night! Can't wait till the next Halloween! HeheHahahaAAAaaAA!!

Klown Kills (After Escape)
Billy Boy = 34 KKAE