Halloween Day (October 31, 2016)

It was a quiet night. I had already done all my research and figured out where the killer klownz were planning on making their next move. It was weird because I didn't see a SINGLE KLOWN that whole week before. No worriez... I almost decided it might have been a trap and was about to stay in and get caught up on Walking Dead instead, but something in my gut told me I had to get prepared and go out. 

So I waz starting to get ready and waz suddenly ambushed by a killer klown! After a brief torture session, I found out he waz an assassin working for hire. Had to bit his spine in half which was a bit bloody (but tasty... hehehahaaa!) so that put me behind schedule. He might have even been a decoy sent by the Klownz to keep me from being on time, but we'll not know that for now... Anyhow, didn't even have my contacts in yet and waz still doing my makeup. Hell, didn't even have my i-scream yet! 

Billy Boy the Clown - Kyle Rea Photography (www.BillyBoyTheClown.com)
Billy Boy the Clown - Kyle Rea Photography (www.BillyBoyTheClown.com)
Billy Boy the Clown - Kyle Rea Photography (www.BillyBoyTheClown.com)

So I went out to the "guaranteed" location where the Klowns were supposed to be...

Didn't see one. Not freaking one!!! UNLESS....

They were all dressed as street people without makeup on, which is kind of weird since the rulez are "never take your makeup off" when working with or for the Klownz or yew die a slow miserable death. So I dunno... just thinking out loud here... They weren't where intel said they would be and I was behind schedule... Just trying to make sense of this all. 

Meanwhile... the trail is getting cold and I need to find another lead to get me into the thick of thingz... Bear with me all...


-BiLlY bOy

Klown Kills (After Escape = AE)
Billy Boy = 65 KKAE