Runway Show

I hosted a runway show with some of my clown P.E.T.T. buddiez to help raise awareness for the fight against evil Klownz. They each have their own special skill and attributez. I'll be putting up more content from this soon...

Fan Photoz

These are fan photoz with anything to do with or promote Billy Boy the Clown. Send in whatever photoz yew have and if they are worthy of posting, I'll post here!



*DISCLAIMER* Wearing these make-up's has a high-risk factor involved in it because anybody resembling Billy Boy has a chance to be abducted and questioned by authoritiez and Klown's alike (becauze the authoritiez may be working with/for the Klownz). Nothing but respect for these people and their dedication to wiping evil Klowns from the face of the Earth (unless they've already moved on to outer space and in that case, we're kinda fuq'd at the moment...